Harlow Lashes

Eyes are the window to the soul as Shakespeare said and The Lash Loft brings you nothing but excellence and attention to detail. With a custom consultation, you will receive the look you desire in a relaxed and tranquil environment.

 Eyelash Extension Prep

  • Please come with no eye makeup on to your eyelash appointment

  • Please be aware this is a service that requires your eyes to be shut during the whole service. Please make arrangements for someone to watch your children as they will not be allowed to sit in during this service.

  • Please do not drink coffee before your appointment

  • Please use the restroom before your appointment

Eyelash Extension Home Care

  • Please do not shower, workout, use the sauna, or anything that may cause the body temperature to go up and sweat for 24 hrs after your appointment

  • Please do not pick, pull, or cut your lash extensions

  • You will be given a specific lash cleanser at your full set appointment. It is extremely important to follow your lash artists instructions on cleansing your lashes

  • Please do not sleep on your face

  • Please do not wear creamy eye shadows or eyeliners. Powder is best and will not break down the adhesive.

  • Please do not use any oil or any other eye makeup remover on your eyes accept for what your lash artist has given you at your appointment.

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